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Probably the most advanced of our services. We have spent much time and money investing in the latest sophisticated woodworking machinery. Bespoke mouldings are an increasingly demanded requirement with renovations of old buildings and the fashions of a more tasteful time make this a highly sought after service.

Working closely with the people tasked with the job of special timber designs and architectural demands, we can supply almost any shape of timber moulding asked for. Matching a sample that is Victorian or older, is a normal request from our regular and expanding customer base. Our modern technology makes this kind of service cheaper than was ever possible previously, but it still needs highly skilled operatives to carry out the work. At Shawfield Timber we have our own in house experts.

It is not just the matching of old fashioned mouldings that we do well, we can mould to order and guarantee exact copies in future for further contracts.

Where chipboard was the standard from the 60's through the 80's, MDF is the popular wood base sheet material of today and beyond. The versatility of this "new" material is almost unbounded. Cutting in single sheets or in multi sheet bundles is easily within the scope of our cutting and moulding machinery.

If you require the wood ready cut or moulded to save time and effort, we will make up your order to your exact measurements and deliver it to site or your store or home as required.