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Timber Treatment

The durable choice for all garden timber projects

Osmose Naturewood preserved wood is the name given to timber that has been preserved with an Osmose preservative system which is based on copper and an organic co-biocide (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). Alkaline Copper Quaternary systems have provided proven performance for almost a decade in locations throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Japan. Osmose Naturewood preserved wood can be used for fencing, timber decking, landscaping timbers and construction timbers.

Wood is a beautiful building material

Wood is a beautiful building material; it is attractive, natural and extremely versatile. The modern home and garden can be transformed with the multitude of timber products available today. Wood can be a source of food for decay fungi and certain species of insects. So it needs protecting with a modern preservative system.

Preservative Protection

Osmose Naturewood preserved wood has been protected using a modern copper based preservative system. Copper, a naturally occurring mineral is an effective and widely used fungicide.

Colour and Surface Protection

To enhance weather protection apply a weather resistant finish. Any exposed wood, preserved or not, should be protected from the weather. Application of a quality clear water repellent such as Osmose Clear Water Repellent or semi-transparent stain such as Osmose Decking Stain will help. To maintain a modern natural look Osmose Deck Oil can be used.
Appearance Of Osmose Naturewood

Osmose Naturewood products will initially have a green appearance that highlights the natural variations of the wood; this will weather to an attractive natural honey brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long term exposure to the sun. Osmose Naturewood products can be painted or stained to match any outdoor colour scheme. Always follow manufacturer's recommendations.

View Osmose Naturewood Information Sheet (PDF)